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A Wonderful Calculator for iOS

WonderCalc is and easy to use calculator that can cut, copy, and paste to and from other apps, has a unit converter, and a loan calculator. It supports both light and dark modes. WonderCalc is built entirely in SwiftUI with Combine, has a full automated testing suite, and uses continuous integration(CI) through Xcode Cloud.

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Analyze Geographic Information

This full-stack Ruby on Rails web app takes publicly available tax and health data, breaks it down by zip codes, counties and states, and integrates with Google Maps. Try it out to discover interesting information about various locations in the United States.

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PhET Simulations

PhET Simulations

Interact, Discover, Learn

This was an existing iOS app from the University of Colorado, Boulder with an extensive list science simulations for students to interact with. This app was several years old with some unique architectural challenges. We got up to speed quickly, and our update improved performance.

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