About Us

Turning ideas into reality

SharkMonkey Apps is a software development agency based in Denver, Colorado. We build iOS, cross-platform mobile, and full-stack web apps. We have worked in languages and technologies including Swift, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React and more. We have set up cloud services using AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Heroku. We have extensive experience managing App Store Connect accounts for distribution to Apple platforms. We are happy to recommend the best technology for your needs, and handle the implementation for your business or product ideas.

We are fun and playful, smart and resourceful, quick and nimble. We can navigate the tangled web of the jungle, swinging from branch to branch grabbing the ripe fruit. And if you need to compete against the big guys, we can take a bite out of that market. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Steven Schwedt

Steven Schwedt

Founder/Software Developer

Steven has always had a passion for using technology to create cool new stuff. He previously worked in the film industry contributing to many great projects. While in film, he developed an iOS app for tracking progress on film sets. He eventually left that industry to study back-end engineering at the Turing School for Software and Design. He then worked at Wunderman Thompson Apps where he worked on numerous projects for major clients. He also worked at Inspirato as a senior engineer. He founded SharkMonkey Apps to build great apps for clients.